Evelyn Young says she was taken aback while searching Sunday for a tuxedo for a gay wedding.

She says a Dillard's clerk stopped her from trying on a pair of pants in the men's fitting room.

"He stopped me and said that I couldn't go in there because they don't let women in the dressing room. He hesitated several times and I said well are you denying me to go in? And he said, that's the policy," Young said.

Young says that policy was never explained to her even by a manager who later approached her. It upset both young and her partner.

"I overhear the woman talking to my partner that, you know, ‘Ma'am we have policies we go by. I'm sorry that happened to you. I have a family member that's like that, I can only imagine how you're feeling and I'm sorry.’ By the time I heard that, I just left," Young said.

Young says there are no signs indicating the fitting room is only for men.

We reached out to hear Dillard's side of the story, but a Dillard's manager says they are unable to comment at this time.

Meanwhile, Young waits for an apology from the store.

"As a gay woman, I'd like an apology personally. I'd like for them to get to the bottom as to why,” Young said.

“Right now I'm just puzzled, I can't explain it right now. I'm just puzzled about the whole issue," Young said.

12 News has contacted Dillard’s public relations department for comment.