BEAUMONT, Texas — A Jefferson County chemical plant along North Twin Cities experienced a small release that left a visible cloud over the plant just north of Nederland Wednesday morning.

While some pumps at the Lucite International Beaumont Works Industrial Park facility were being changed around 9 a.m. Wednesday there was a small release of less than a pound of Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) according to Chris Healy, Director of Manufacturing for Lucite International Beaumont Works Industrial Park.

Healy told 12News the release was not significant although when the material contacts air it forms a dense cloud.

The cloud never made it off the property of the plant and the all clear was sounded after about 15 minutes he said.

A very small amount of the chemical can make a large cloud and the facility erred on the side of caution and sounded an alarm so no one entered the area according to Healy.

Sulfur Trioxide is listed by OSHA as a toxic and reactive highly hazardous chemical which could present a potential for a catastrophic event at or above a quantity of 1000 pounds.

Wednesday's release was less than a pound according to Healy.