PORT ARTHUR β€” Tuesday night during the final seconds of NBC's The Voice Port Arthur's DeAndre Nico found out viewers voted to save a sick teammate instead of him after their coach urged viewers to vote for her.

After "singing for his life" performing John Legend's "All of Me" viewers voted via Twitter and chose not to let Nico advance.

Team Adam teammates Nico and Reagan Strange along with Team Blake's Dave Fenley were all in the bottom three and set to "sing for their lives" Tuesday night.

Nico and Fenley sang but Strange, who was sick, did not sing.

All four coaches gave Nico a standing ovation and Jennifer Hudson was in tears after his performance.

Nico told 12News in an interview Tuesday afternoon that he'd had laryngitis this week.

After Nico performed his coach, Adam Levine, said that he was sad to say he was asking viewers to vote for Strange because she had not been able to "sing for her life."

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Levine's final words for Nico were that he should take his new platform and make a career out of it.

He also told Nico what he does beyond the show is completely up to him.

Here's Levine's comments to Nico right after his performance...

"This sucks, man. DeAnde you're an exquisite singer.

Ummm... I'm a little confused as to why you're in the bottom. That perplexes me, I guess now constantly, because its happened more than once.

But I wanna say this...

There is a... There's an unbelievably talented little girl right now who is not able to fight for her position on the show and you were fortunate enough to be able to sing tonight and man you sang like a champ.

This guy sang like a champ.

So... I can't sing... I can't sing for Reagan. Umm... Reagan has to sing for Reagan and she's not here.

And it's really really hard for me not to just, as much as I urge you all to vote for this man 'cause he should not have been at the bottom.

I don't know if I have the heart to not tell everyone right now...

I have a very... a very special relationship with Reagan and I have two little girls at home and the thought of breaking her heart by not urging everyone to give this girl a shot to go and.. and... redeem herself next week would be too far beneath me.

So I want you to know I love you. I appreciate what you've done here tonight and honestly I think you should both be there.

But I gotta fight for my girl and I gotta make sure that I represent her properly in this moment because she didn't have a chance to use her voice tonight.

So I'm gonna use it for her as well as I possibly can to make sure she can make it next week.

And that's all I can say. It's weird."

Judging by some the response by 12News viewers on Twitter #TeamDeAndre fans were not very happy with Adam Levine.