The land behind the old Walmart in Vidor is now being cleared out to make space for the new Super Walmart. Many homes on East Tram Road were bought out to create space, except for one.

"The store is going to be built right here…In a way it is, might be more convenient, I always walk to Walmart so [later] I won't have to walk that far," Whitmire said.

Gloria Whitmire has lived in her Vidor home for 25 years. Her family is part of the reason why she did not want to sell her property to make room for the new Super Walmart being built around her home.

"I like this house because especially my youngest son grew up here, my little grandbabies started coming around here. You know, 25 years can hold a lot of memories," Whitmire said.

Gloria and her late husband William did not want to sell their property to make room for the store. They did not specify how much money they were offered for the property.

Whitmire feels the memories that the house holds outweigh any amount of money that would have been offered for the family to move.

"I didn't even think about what I want to do, like I said eventually I might have to move, but if I don't have to I'm going to stay put. I don't know, my children offered me to go move with them or somewhere else, but this is home," Whitmire said.

The Super Walmart is expected to be completed around 2018. A service road will be built around Whitmire’s property for delivery trucks.

The City of Vidor tells us a privacy fence will be built around Whitmire’s property.