VIDOR — Brent Smith and his fiancee Candice Kerr have been together for 11 years, and they tell 12news they’ve had a recurring happen all 11 years.

"My fiancee Candice has a warrant out in her name," Smith said.

Smith says a friend that Kerr grew up with has been using her name. Kerr has ended up being arrested before because the woman police her name, and now they say it’s happening all over again. Kerr claims there is another drug related active warrant for her arrest.

"She has a friend that she grew up with and we've had multiple instances over the past 11 years where this girl has tried using her name," Smith said.

12news spoke with Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll today about the situation. He says unfortunately this is something he sees often.

“I have seen an increase with the Identity Theft. Identity theft has increased I've seen more and more people giving false identities to law enforcement," Chief Carroll said.

A report from Javelin Study & Research shows that in 2017 16.7 million Americans fell victim to some sort of Identity Theft. That’s a 4 million person increase from 2012.

“Generally speaking theirs usually some type of relationship there. I've even seen siblings giving another siblings information on a regular basis," Chief Carroll said.

Smith says now she’s going to have to pay for an attorney to clear his fiancee’s name.

"It's all boiling down to it's going to cost us money out of pocket basically to try and fix this, but that's what makes it frustrating because it's like we didn't do this," Smith said.