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'She was gasping for air' : Vidor mom says ambulance took over 30 minutes to respond as daughter experienced seizure

Acadian Ambulance was the company ordered to provide care as they service the City of Vidor, but they never responded. Allegiance Ambulance was later dispatched.

VIDOR, Texas — A mother from Vidor is sharing her anger and frustration after she says it took more than 30 minutes for an ambulance to respond to her daughter's medical emergency. 

Kaylee Whisneant says while she was driving along Highway 105 near Interstate 10 on Saturday, May 17, 2023, her five-year-old daughter experienced a seizure.

She called 911 and Vidor Police responded. 

Whisneant says there was absolutely no response from an ambulance until 30 minutes after the phone call to 911.  

Acadian Ambulance was the original company ordered to provide care as they service the City of Vidor, but they never responded.

"Cops were out there like nothing, and they called for Acadian several times. Two or three times that I know of, 15 minutes into the seizure they called asking where you are at. Nothing," Whisneant said. 

Police decided to take it into their own hands and spoke over the radio to Orange County ESD #1 Fire Station asking for information.

The fire station is typically alerted when an Acadian Ambulance takes an emergency call. They say, they were never alerted by Acadian.  

Orange County ESD #1 ended up dispatching Allegiance Ambulance, even though Vidor city limits is not part of it's territory.

Whisneant, still shaken up by Saturday's events, says this is unacceptable.

"At the time she was gasping for air, turning purple, but they had us out to the hospital within 10 minutes," she said. 

Whisneant's daughter was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital and later taken to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.

Vidor Police Chief Rod Carrol said they are actively investigating why Acadian never arrived to the scene.

"Because they are gambling with peoples lives here, and they are messing around with it. It's not fair," Whisneant said. 

12News reached out to Acadian Ambulance Service for answers, but we didn't receive a response in time for this publication. 

Whisneant says her fight isn't over. She plans to attend next Thursday's city council meeting to voice her concerns.

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