Maybe you saw the mobile phone video this weekend of police officers and a driver struggling and fighting in the street.

Someone in your Facebook newsfeed may have shared the video which has now been viewed more than 4.5 million times and claimed the event happened on Euclid Street in Beaumont.

12News heard from several Southeast Texans over the weekend who claimed that the altercation happened here and involved Beaumont Police officers.

It did not take much to determine that this was not the case.

For one thing the video that was sent to 12News was actually labeled as "Euclid Police" though everyone who sent it to us did not seem to notice this.

If you watch the video the marked police car in the background is clearly not a Beaumont Police patrol car.

A simple search on Google returned several results about the altercation that actually happened in Euclid, Ohio, 12 miles east of Cleveland.

The language from every message sent to 12News indicated that all of the messages were sent to us from the same shared post or posts on Facebook.

A search on Facebook revealed that several people began erroneously making the post late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

The Beaumont Police Department also heard about the confusion and made a post to their Facebook page Monday morning noting that while there is a Euclid Street in Beaumont the incident did not happen here.

Several messages about the incident were sent to the Beaumont Police Department's Facebook page according to Beaumont Police Officer Haley Morrow.

Morrow told 12News that most of the Beaumont Police patrol units are SUVs and the marked cars that they still have are white. The marked patrol car in the video is black.

12News' sister Tegna station, WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio, spoke with Lashaunda Malone, the woman who recorded the incident and posted the video to Facebook.

In Malone's video officers can be seen wrestling a man to the ground and punching him multiple times. The incident lasted more than three minutes.

"He just got out the car, as soon as he got out the car, the officer grabbed him by the throat," Malone said. "It was disturbing."

According to Euclid Police in Ohio, an officer pulled over 25-year-old Richard Hubbard III, just before 10:30 a.m. for "a moving/traffic violation."

Hubbard was ordered to exit the car and face away so he could be taken into custody. Police say Hubbard refused, and a violent struggle ensued.

After the Malone's video went viral, Euclid Police released dash camera video of the whole traffic stop. It shows the officer and the driver interacting for nearly two minutes before the struggle begins.

Authorities say Hubbard was medically examined at the Cuyahoga County Jail Euclid Annex. He was charged with driving under suspension and resisting arrest and was released after posting bond.

Euclid police released a statement on the arrest, saying in part:

It is the mission of the Euclid Police Department to provide professional and transparent service
to the residents, business owners, and visitors to the City of Euclid. This entire incident
will be reviewed, in detail, so that the public can have a full and open understanding of the series
of events that eventually led to this violent encounter.

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SOURCE: Officer Haley Morrow, Beaumont Police Department - Police Community Relations

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