The Eastern District of the U.S attorney's office said white supremacist gang violence typically occurs within their own group.

The U.S attorney's office has been looking into several cases involving the Aryan brotherhood of Texas since 2010.

Many members have been arrested as early as this week but the U.S Attorney's office would not confirm how many members or who is specifically in custody due to ongoing investigations.

Acting U.S attorney Brit Featherston said the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is a race based statewide organization that operates inside and outside prisons across the country.

He explains the ABT’s criminal activity usually involves murder, assault and drug distribution.

"Violence usually occurs within their own group, they usually become unhappy with members of their own organization and that leads to either violence or murders," said Featherston.

He said he does not believe the ABT was involved in any recent hate crimes in East Texas.

However, he wants to emphasize the police will step in if they see any extremist activity.

"What we look for is actions, not words so that is the only thing law enforcement is concerned with, is extremist activities that involve actions,” aid Featherston.

He said at least 10 gang members have been locked away in prison since 2010. He said six of the members who were prosecuted played major roles in either the ABT or Solid Wood Soldiers which is another white supremacist group.

Featherston explains citizens in East Texas should not be worried about getting harmed by ABT members. He emphasizes the gangs are not located in specific neighborhoods but wants to assure residents that police are monitoring the gangs.

“They are not marching down the street, they are not knocking on your doors so I feel confident local law enforcement, state and feds are monitoring those situations,” said Featherston.

Featherston said Joshua Bodine of Vidor was prosecuted under the Violent Crime in Aid of Racketeering statue in 2011.

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Generals Carl Carver and Steven Cooke were also prosecuted with VICAR in 2011.

Carver and Cooke received life sentences in prison while Bodine received 20 years in prison.

In 2014, six members of the Solid Wood Soldiers were prosecuted for VICAR involving murders. Several members that were prosecuted also were part of the ABT and Aryan Circle gang.

In the same year, Tanner Bourque, Kristopher Guidry and Kennedy Stanley with the SWS received life sentences in prison.