TYLER COUNTY, Texas — Laura Horn has lived off of Highway 69 for nine years.

She's nestled on her own little property off the busy roads.She says soon, her solitude could be shattered.

She, along with other families, got a letter from TxDOT requesting to survey their land.

"That's been about four months ago," Horn said.

The only problem is that she hasn't heard anything since then.

"We have asked surveyors that we've seen and they don't know anything either," she said.

Now, rumors are running rampant according to Horn. Some say they have already been offered money for their land.

"We have no idea what's next," said Horn. "We are just still waiting."

TxDOT says this is all a part of Highway 69 widening project, that will run from Lumberton to Tyler County.

"Right now we are still in the environmental stages," said Sarah Dupre, TxDOT Public Information Officer. "We have several different alignments we are looking at." 

Dupre says that stretch of land will be the first that's widened to two lanes in each direction with a center median.

"This section is kind of a bottleneck right now. It's one lane in each direction," said Dupre. "This section is very important when it comes to evacuation."

Dupre says any needed right away will be purchased from landowners.

As for Horn, she says she just wants better communication from the state, so landowners will know what their next move will be.

"I just wish somebody would contact us and let us know something so that we can prepare," said Horn.