Black Friday is just around the corner and TXDOT wants drivers to pay close attention to their surroundings near the Parkdale mall.

"Crazy people are driving erratically and not thinking, just jumping over in front of you," said shopper Karrie Folks.

TXDOT want drivers to pay extra attention to the intersection at Eastex and Dowlen Road near the Target Shopping center.

"In the far right lane in front of Case Ole, you can no longer turn left,” said TXDOT Public Relations officer Sarah Dupre. “It's been like that for years but since we have an extra lane you can only go straight or turn right in the far right lane now.”

TXDOT has put up signs at the intersection to show the drivers how to turn but cars are still turning the wrong way.

"I actually didn't know that you can't turn left in this lane anymore," said shopper Jessica Ferrell.

TXDOT also wants drivers to pay attention to construction during Black Friday.

"There is a lot of construction in Southeast Texas, lots of construction around the big Black Friday area like the mall, Target and Best Buy,” said Ferrell.

However, shoppers are still willing to brave the roads that are under heavy construction.

"My entire family goes, so we add to the crowd," said Ferrell. “It’s pretty crazy how many people go shopping on that day.”

TXDOT plans on putting up more signs by the intersection and also wants people to drive with a designated driver when they are celebrating during the holidays.