Traffic delays at the Purple Heart Memorial Bridge have been seen quite awhile now, but that congestion on Interstate 10 at the Neches River will be relieved before too long.

The Texas Department of Transportation tells 12News that the bridge repairs are nearing completion.

"I always feel like I'm going to graduate before the construction is ever even done," says Haley Matthews, who commutes every day across the bridge to get to Lamar University.

"I also work in Beaumont, so if I'm not in school then I'm at work," Matthews says.

She tells us that her commute from Orange County to Beaumont on I-10 can be a hassle.

"With the construction it's a bit frustrating," Matthews says.

This construction project has been going on for almost 6 years, first starting June of 2012.

"I feel like it should be done by now," says Matthews.

The Purple Heart Memorial Bridge completion would allow 3 lanes on each side of the interstate.

The cost of the project was about $59 million and it will include monuments with engraved the purple heart metals.

"That makes me feel better, it's an eye source every day to see cranes everywhere," Matthew says.

This being quite a relief for drivers like Matthews who will soon not have to see these crews and cranes again.

"Lets just hope it gets done soon," She says.