Police are still trying to piece together what led to a stabbing and shooting on south drive in Groves this morning.

One man was shot and one man was stabbed during the altercation. A driver in the 3100 block of East Street reported hearing shots fired just after 7:30 a.m. and when Groves Police officers arrived they found a man in his 40's who had been stabbed according to Groves City Marshall Norman Reynolds.

The stabbing victim told officers that another man had stabbed him while attempting to rob him at which point he shot the alleged robber with a shotgun according to Reynolds.

The stabbing victim was transported by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries to the Medical Center of Southeast Texas according to Acadian Ambulance.


Witnesses on the scene told officers that they could find the alleged robber at the intersection of North Street and Berry Avenue Reynolds said.

Glenn Robinson said his wife saw a man running through his backyard to escape the police.

"She saw someone running across the backyard then she heard him running down the driveway and he was going around and around the house," said Robinson

Robinson said the police caught him and about eight officers pinned him to the ground.

"They jerked him up, slammed him to the ground and he was trying to fight him," said Robinson.

When officers arrived at North and Berry they found a man in his 40's who had been shot he said.

The shooting victim was transported by ambulance as "emergency traffic" to Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont according to Acadian Ambulance.

Robinson said criminal activity like this is becoming more common in his quiet neighborhood.

"This is a nice neighborhood, now all of a sudden we have the police in the neighborhood once a week," said Robinson.

Robinson said many older folks live in this area and he is concerned for their safety.

"It’s a great concern that they are coming through my yard so now we are going to get a privacy and security fence," said Robinson.

Police said both of the men are expected to recover from their injuries. The stabbing victim was released from the hospital today.

Police said they still have to interview the man who was shot to hear his side of the story. Police do not know the motive of the stabbing at this time.