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TPC Aftermath | Long lines at the Port Neches TPC claims center, how to decrease wait time

Residents in need of assistance waited in line for hours to speak with claims representatives. The wait time can be decreased by making an appointment, said TPC rep.

PORT NECHES, Texas — Dozens waited outside of the TPC claims processing center in Port Neches on Sunday to talk with claims representatives following the TPC explosion.

TPC has two locations where residents can submit claims to representatives. One location is at 250 Dowlen road and the other is at 511 Grigsby Avenue in Port Neches.

The claims center in Port Neches has drawn complaints due to the long wait times for assistance.

Today, the lines were moving slowly. Local residents said they waited in line for three to five hours.

Sarah Adams of Groves said although it took her five hours to be seen by a representative, the process was pretty smooth.

“They went through ever thing with us, talked to us about it and how you go about it,” said Adams. "So, everything was pleasant. It was smooth sailing.”

Other people like Alejandro Chavez weren’t so pleased with the wait. Chavez had to close his business for two days due to the mandatory evacuation order.

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He was disappointed to walk away with nothing after spending three hours waiting in line. Chavez didn’t state where he lived, but he said he was only 50 feet away from the 4-mile radius zone of the TPC Group Plant.

The wait time can be decreased by making an appointment, according to Sara Cronin, TPC’s vice president of communication and public affairs.

Those wanting to make an appointment can call the Community Assistance Helpline at (866) 601-5880 or set up an appointment with one of the workers at the TPC claims centers via ipad, said Cronin.

Both claims center locations are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily and walk-ins are accepted, too.

 Cronin says, “the centers will be opened as long as the residents need them to be. Until we are able to make sure that we’ve addressed all the claims of the residents in the impacted areas, the locations will be open and the claims number will be available.

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