Beaumont — An unpleasant surprise for many residents today in Beaumont as a rattlesnake was found in the parking lot near Dowlen and Concord.

A Jasper woman was signing into her appointment at Dentures and Dental Services when she noticed a snake outside.

Robert Seman was the man in the video who captured the snake. Seman says he was walking into Dentures and Dental services when he heard the commotion and stepped in to help.

"I'm glad I was able to deal with him before he got hurt, that's the only thing I'm happy about,” said Seman. “No one got hurt, snake didn't get hurt, no one got bit he's way out of his element he's not from here," Seman said.

He said he saw a crowd gathered around a snake outside Leslie’s Pool Supplies. He decided to capture the snake to keep everyone safe.

“You have to get him behind his head and when you get behind their head you can control the snake and that’s what you got to do, you have to control the head,” said Seman.

He said he wasn’t scared because he’s been around snakes his whole life.

“I’m just one of those people who do reptiles,” said Seman.

However, getting the snake out of the car was a huge group effort.

Lucien Pipps is the person who originally found the snake underneath a woman’s car. He got the snake from underneath the car with a machete and took the video seen and shared all over Southeast Texas.

"Definitely an adrenaline rush," said Pipps.

Gary Saurage, owner of Gator Country, was called out to the location to bring the snake to Gator country and confirmed it was a rattlesnake.

The snake is a male cenebrake rattlesnake that is 5 feet long and believed to be between 6 and 8 years old. Its nickname is a timber rattlesnake.

Saurage told 12News he thinks the snake hitched a ride from Jasper, in the car with the woman, and escaped once she parked and went in.

This snake is very venomous and if you are bit you could die within hours or spend up to three weeks being treated in the hospital.

“Very lucky, the gentleman that picked it up is lucky as well a very, very bad snakebite,” said Saurge.

The snake is currently being transported to Gator Country where it will live in a habitat.