BEAUMONT — The Lions are waiting to give $5,000 to one of eight finalists who want the cash.

One of the teams’ goals is to creatively promote other businesses.

You may have seen commercials for Chick-fil-A on social media, and it may have been created by one of the teams hoping to win the cash. The team is 2023 Vision, a visual marketing company.

The marketing team has created numerous commercials, for Chick-fil-A, realtors and other companies.

They’re taking an alternate route to earn some capital to grow their business.

“Commercials and stuff, you don’t see a lot of cinematography in them. And we want to bring that,” Ri’Keam Kenebrew said.

Kenebrew and Michael Allen have worked with 2023 Vision for the last four years.

“We provide visual marketing services, specifically video, to help companies, brands, businesses and individuals grow and expand their brand. Because the world is moving more towards video, and in a few years everybody will be watching videos,” Allen said.

They want the $5,000 to help make other companies marketable.

Before they do that, they must enter the Lion’s Den at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

The Lions and Lionesses have a wide variety of business experience.

Dr. John Adolph, pastor at Antioch created the idea for the Lion’s Den.

“Economic empowerment for me is one of the attributes of a holistic ministry,” Dr. Adolph says.

The other Lions include Georgine Guillory, a Port of Beaumont commissioner and a third generation business owner.

“As far as a future projection, a long-term projection, I want to see the numbers, that’s what’s going to work for me,” Guillory said.

Vernon Durden, another Lion, spent over 30 years working hard in Exxon Mobil and owning businesses with his father.

“We understand that everyone needs to start somewhere, no one gets anywhere by themselves,” Durden said.

As a church leader, Dr. Adolph feels that helping people both spiritually and financially is his motivation for creating the lion’s den.

“You can do job training, you can do job development but none of those things come out with capital to infuse a business with. It gives you knowledge and it gives you skill but it takes money to make money,” Dr. Adolph said.

The Lions are not helping just anyone who will be sitting across from them.

“It is not for the lazy, the lethargic, or those who are just sitting by waiting for someone to give them something. But it’s for someone with a great work ethic, a zeal and a passion to become what I think America is great at producing, and that is an entrepreneur,” Dr. Adolph said.

The Southeast Texas version of ‘Shark Tank’ is called the Lion’s Den because Dr. Adolph wanted to put a biblical twist on the show.

In the book of Daniel, Chapter 6, Daniel was a servant to his master Darius. Enemies did not like Daniel and plotted against him.

They asked the king to make a law that people could not pray to God.

Daniel prayed to God, and Daniel’s enemies told the king that Daniel prayed. He was cast into the lion’s den.

The next day, Darius went to the den to find Daniel.

Daniel said that God sent his angel and shut the lion’s mouths and the lions did not harm him.

The king was glad that Daniel survived because of his faith in God.

As for the modern day Daniel’s entering the Lion’s Den, they’re also praying for success.

“I feel like if you invest in us, then you invest in a group of guys that are no stranger to hard work, we’re dedicated, we’re motivated,” Kenebrew said.

“We have the portfolio, we’ve worked with many companies, we’ve worked with Sertino’s, we’ve worked with Exygon, credit unions, Chick-fil-A, and we’ve been out getting the ground work. So you’re investing in a group of guys that don’t mind working,” Kenebrew added.

The eight finalists will enter the Lion’s Den on May 23 and May 30.

The winner will be announced on June 6th.