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What exactly is this dangling creature seen in Texas?

A Texas Parks and Wildlife group shared video of the creature, which looks a little like a worm in an ice cream cone!

AUSTIN, Texas — There’s a question stirring on social media in Texas – what exactly is that creature?

The video was posted to the Texas Nature Trackers Facebook page. That’s a program with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The post said the creature was found dangling in the air on a single thread of webbing and looks a little like a worm inside of an ice cream cone. Others guessed it was something from out of space!  

The most common answer from people was that it was a bagworm.

We’ll check with Texas Parks and Wildlife to see what it truly is.  So stay tuned!

Here's our mystery critter of the week. Found dangling in the air on a single thread of webbing, this case housed some kind of larvae -- it reminded us of a bagworm case, but what do you think? We truly have no idea at this time but we are working on it -- give us your best guess and we'll do some research on our end, too -- not even iNaturalist had a good suggestion for this!

Posted by Texas Nature Trackers - Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept Program on Friday, August 4, 2023

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