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16-year-old arrested in suspected road rage incident caught on video

The driver said there was more than $3,000 in damage done to her car.

HOUSTON — A 16-year-old boy was arrested Sunday in connection with a case of suspected road rage where a dumbbell was thrown through the victim’s windshield.

The apparent case of road rage happened on July 31 near Tidwell and Hardy Toll Road.

Editor's note: KHOU 11 decided to blur the video and remove previously published social media posts because the suspect in this case is a minor. 

We spoke to the driver last week, who asked us not to use her name or show her face. She said she was stopped at the intersection of Irvington and Tidwell near Sam Houston High School when she was rear-ended by a fast-moving vehicle.

She said the person in the SUV that hit her made a motion, which she took to mean they would pull over and exchange insurance information. She said she pulled over and watched as the other driver turned around and drove in the opposite direction.

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The woman said she then followed the vehicle to get his license plate. The SUV eventually pulled over on a street near Veteran’s Memorial Park. The woman said no words or gestures were exchanged before the driver got out of the SUV and kicked in her headlight. As he returned to his vehicle, she said she pulled out her cellphone before he came back. The video she recorded shows the person she thought at the time was a man, exiting the driver-side of his SUV, opening the back door, pulling out what appears to be a dumbbell, and throwing it through her windshield. She can be heard screaming in the video while the man returns to his SUV and drives off.

The driver said there was more than $3,000 in damage to her car.

The 16-year-old is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Because of his age, the case has been sent to the juvenile probation department and his name, image and details of the case will not be released, the Houston Police Department said.

HPD would not say if the boy has any prior criminal history.

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