Violinist and concertmaster Matthew Detrick is counting down the days for his biggest gig yet. "We are the first chamber music ensemble to record and perform in Cuba. That's just a big honor." Detrick said.

The 36-year-old along with his music group, the Apollo Chamber Players, will be heading to Cuba to record and perform classical and folk music in front of thousands.

The trip has been in the works since 2014 as part of the ensemble's 20x2020 commissioning project. The same time the United States and Cuba decided to make historic relations.

"We are just so happy to be living in an area in the country like Houston and Beaumont and Southeast Texas that is so diverse. I think it is unique and special and we are just privileged to be part of this new relationship between the U.S. and Cuba." said Detrick.

The musical piece they will be performing is called "Imagenes de Cuba" meaning images of Cuba which will go down in history as the ensemble's first international performance.

According to the Apollo Chamber Players, recording sessions will take place at the world-class Abdala Studios in Havana and include collaborations with Cuban musicians.

The group will also bring a taste of Southeast Texas the Cuban people can relate.

Detrick and the Apollo Chamber Players will head to Cuba January 14th.