BEAUMONT — Fences and trees damaged some of the temporary shelters that were built after a fire at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas two years ago.

Many volunteers stepped up to help the Humane Society this weekend.

Large debris piles sit on the curb thanks to people like Bryan LeBlanc cutting down trees and raking up leaves around the shelter.

"When we first heard about it, they said they had a few trees down, but when we showed up they turned out to be pretty good size trees," LeBlanc said.

Meredith O’Mara, a board member with the Humane Society says she’s glad none of the animals were hurt during the storm.

"The trees made it beautiful and shady so we hate to say goodbye to them, but again we're so thankful that everyone's safe, the animals are safe and we have some great volunteers to help rebuild it again," O’Mara said.

LeBlanc knows that many people are willing to help the Humane Society.

"It just shows how the community cares about the cats and the dogs in the area. Sometimes they're the forgotten ones but by the show of people out here, they're not forgotten, many people are thinking of them," LeBlanc said.

The shelter will reopen to the public on Tuesday. Anyone wanting to volunteer can call the Humane Society at (409) 833-0504.