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Interactive state map shows COVID-19 vaccine availability across Southeast Texas

If you or a loved one qualifies and you're desperately searching for a shot, we're here to help.

BEAUMONT, Texas — After days of delays, more Southeast Texas providers finally have received new shipments of COVID-19 shots. But we did the math, and this really is still a drop-in bucket.

If you or a loved one qualifies and you're desperately searching for a shot, we're here to help.

People are asking for a little help and some direction. They want to know if their county or if any nearby counties have available vaccines and if they’re already assigned.

Searching for vaccines across Texas can feel like a scavenger hunt.

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"Everywhere you turn, everyone's out. It's just so flipping hard to find anywhere that has it," said Kelly Saldivar of Montgomery County.

12News hopes we can make it a little easier. We made a map showing available vaccines.

In Jefferson County, 5,072 vaccines are currently on the market. But, some of those vaccines will be set aside for county employees.

Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames said a portion will go to the Beaumont Public Health Department and the Port Arthur Health Department.

Jefferson County is shaded in yellow, meaning some shots appear to be available.

Credit: KBMT, DSHS
Vaccine availability in Jefferson County according to state map

Orange, Liberty and Tyler Counties currently have no available vaccines.

Jasper County shows 1,330 vaccines available, and Newton County has 70 vaccines. Chambers County has 1,200 doses available, according to data from the Department of State and Health Services website.

But the state's vaccine tracker, makes it tough to tell if those counties with vaccines are spoken for.

Hardin County received 1,600 of the Moderna vaccine Thursday. These are second doses for patients, so these shots are already assigned.

“We have several hundred people registered to receive the vaccine. This weekend on Saturday, it'll be a drive-thru site,” said Chambers County representative Samantha Humphrey.

Humphrey said people have already called dibs for the available vaccines.

“All of the vaccines that we have allotted currently for this weekend's vaccination site are accounted for. They're already allocated to people,” Humphrey.

Although this scavenger hunt can feel like you're hitting a dead end, Humphrey said don't lose hope.

“We don't want people to get discouraged…because there are going to be other opportunities in the near future to receive the vaccine,” Humphrey said.

The state's COVID-19 tracker was used as the primary resource for this story. It allows you to zoom in and see specific information for every location.

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