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Southeast Texas trio gains support after creating new card game based on Aztec mythology

Gonzalo Alvarez, Will Rogers, and Grace Chadwick came up with a game of their own, Nawalli.

PORT ARTHUR, Texas — A trio of Southeast Texas card game enthusiasts is turning their hobby into a career.

Gonzalo Alvarez, Will Rogers, and Grace Chadwick came up with a game of their own, Nawalli. They have already picked up a ton of support from a kick-starter campaign.

Nawalli draws on Aztec mythology and has different creatures, gems and spells. The group aims to make the game accessible to new and master card game players.

“Nawalli is an Aztec card game where you summon nawals, which are Aztecs spirits and animals, allies that you can battle with,” Alvarez said.

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Alvarez was raised in Port Arthur and graduated from Lamar University. He spent the last five years studying Aztec mythology and culture.

The Lamar grad is also writing a book on Aztec mythology and needed a way to remember the characters.

“I came up with this idea for a card game because I wanted to almost create some flashcards for myself of these different creatures,” Alvarez said.

Those flashcards turned into playing cards and a new game was born. In the game, players battle it out by summoning nawals, creatures of Aztec mythology, each with their skills and abilities.

“We made the game as minimalist as possible to make sure it's easy to get into but have enough depth that as you learn to play it, there's more and more layers that you're uncovering," Alvarez said.

To the creators, Nawalli is more than just a game.

“Our goal is to create this universe of characters, to create this brand," someone said. “Shirts, hats, other merchandise, stickers of our characters. Not just the game itself, but merchandise to really bring the Nawalli experience."

A kick-starter campaign for the game surpassed its goal of $3,500. At least 300 orders are set to ship in December with hopes of getting the game on store shelves by 2023.

“I want to be able to show kids and anyone in this area that whether you have an idea, whether it be art or anything else, you can make it a reality, and you can get out there and do something that you love," Alvarez said.

Alvarez and his team have big plans for the future of the game, including expansion packs, new game modes, and new characters. They see this as just the beginning.

The deadline to order a copy of the game is Monday, November 20, 2022 morning.

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