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Southeast Texas store managers urge community to prepare for possible incoming storm

Southeast Texans are encouraged to get what they need but leave enough for the next person.

BEAUMONT, Texas — As 12News StormTrackers continue to watch the system in the Caribbean, Southeast Texas store owners are preparing for the community to stock up on essential storm items.

Regional store managers said it's better to get essential items sooner than later. Water, bread, and canned food are at the top of the list when it comes to stocking up in preparation for potential storms.

At Market Basket, people tend to buy water first and then other items such as meat, bread, and non-perishable foods like tuna fish, Spam, and Vienna Sausage, Jim Hansen, manager of the Market Basket located at 8350 Phelan Blvd, said.

Hansen said Market Basket's corporate office is monitoring the system in the Caribbean and making sure all the stores are stocked up in advance. As of now, there are no significant shortages of any of these items at the store.

The store also has an ample supply of flashlights and batteries, as well as a few generators, Hansen said

“When these storms come into the Gulf and when these storms develop, they're immediately watching those things and making sure that we have the supplies and goods that we need to supply the customers when they come in here,” Hansen said.

Hansen urges people to stock up now, so they are not caught in the surge of customers that typically happens later on. This way, they can make sure they have enough food and water for during the storm and after as well.

Hansen also encourages people to get what they need but to leave enough for the next person.

While he confirmed Market Basket is well-stocked on most items, he can't rule out placing limits on certain items like water.

Other Southeast Texas stores, like M&D Supply, are also preparing for an influx of customers these next couple of days as people prepare for the possible storm.

M&D Supply is a year-round go-to for many Southeast Texans, especially during hurricane season.

In preparation for the storm, people stock up on times including generators, flashlights, batteries, extension cords, bottled water, plywood, and gas cans among other things, Pat Salinas, M&D supply owner said.

Store staff is set to meet Wednesday to go over what extra supplies they will need to get shipped to M&D supply in the coming days. Salinas anticipates they will need to put in an order for more generators among other things.

Salinas said Southeast Texans always try to prepare ahead of the storms.

“Any kind of catastrophic event that takes place, we're always trying to be proactive, and serve the people the best,” Salinas said. “Figure out exactly what event is going to happen whether it's a wind event, whether it's a flood event or both.”

Both store managers said it is never too early to stock up on essential items, especially once the impacts of a potential storm become clearer.

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