BEAUMONT, Texas — The Trump administration on Wednesday announced it was working on a policy that would ban flavored e-cigarettes.

A man who didn't want to be identified tells 12News he started vaping to quit smoking cigarettes.

"I've been doing it for 12 years and I'm still standing here," he said.

Ikhtisham Ahmed, owner of 'Cloud City Smoke Shop' on College Street in Beaumont, says smoke shops are getting a bad reputation because of the illnesses. He says some people who vape are using products they don't sell.

"There are kids having stuff they aren't supposed to have. They could be buying it off of the street; that doesn't mean they are actually buying it from businesses that are getting it from wholesalers with lab results," Ahmed explained.

"I have family as well. I wouldn't have my family or anybody using something that's bad for them. I wouldn't be selling it," Ahmed said.

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Ebony Jenkins is a mom who feels that banning flavored e-cigarettes could do more harm, than help.

"For them to just get rid of the flavored [e-cigs] and not everything [else], is still not going to stop it. I feel like with children they are going to want it just because they can't have it," Jenkins said.