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Parents weigh in on back-to-school plans following newly released TEA guidelines

Most families say they're making the decision based off what works best for their family.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Parents are now facing a tough decision. Do I send my child back to school or keep them home?

Most families say they are making their decision based off what works best for their family.

For parents like Jessica Hobbs, sending her children to school is what she feels is best for their education.

"My youngest has learning disabilities so she needs to be in a school setting," Jessica said.

She said there are a couple of obstacles that will make online learning difficult for her family.

Jessica and her husband work full time, so she would not be able to give her children the education they need from home. Additionally, they don't have access to decent internet.

"We don’t have the capabilities for them to do things online," Jessica said.

But Kenneth Bean and Amanda Abate both feel like schools just aren't ready to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenneth has a child with health issues, so for him, the decision to keep his children home is easy.

"It is very important that we shield and take care of ourselves and we don't cause him to come into any exposure because it would not be a pretty situation if my child caught COVID-19," Kenneth said.

Amanda said her children miss being around their friends but understand the dangers of this virus.

"They are trying to stay clean and healthy, but they miss having their life," Amanda said.

Even though these parents will be making different decisions on their child's education, they all agree that the safety of their children comes first.

Today's new guidelines from the Texas Education Agency reinforce that precautions will be taken.

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