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Southeast Texas non-profit organization making sure single parents can ‘Make Ends Meet’

This non-profit creates a space for single parents to network and receive resources.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Make Ends Meet of Southeast Texas is making sure single parents are able to do just that.

This non-profit created a space for single parents to network and receive resources.

Often, single parents are not always able to expose their children to opportunities due to playing the role of mom and dad.

Well, one non-profit is providing resources for single parents as they often have to do parenting alone.

“Well, you always hear that saying, you know, you know it's so hard to make ends meet,” said vice-chair Cathrine Oliva.

But one non-profit organization is taking the load off single parents to make sure they can make ends meet.

“They didn't have anything that I noticed was specific to the needs of single-parent families, which compromises 40 to 41% of Jefferson County,” said founder Brian Nepveux.

This 10-month-old non-profit was created through the vision of Nepveux, who happens to walk in the shoes of single parents.

“So being that I am a single parent, I do understand the shortcomings and pitfalls and roadblocks that are involved with being a single parent that I think that I would have a better understanding and be able to help those,” Nepveux said.

Now, he wants to be a parent who helps other parents.

He created a space for networking opportunities and resources for parents.

Services include mentorships, student education, holiday events, and community service.

Vice-chair Oliva said single parents acknowledge their efforts within the community.

“You know, I'm so glad y'all did this. I didn't know what I was going to do with my you know, child or my daughter or my son,” Oliva said.

Oliva said the mission is about going together and not alone.

“At the end of the day,” Oliva said. “We're helping them make ends meet not only make ends meet, but better them to a better future.”

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