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'I’ve supplied four mothers' | Silsbee mom donating her breast milk amid baby formula shortage

She's a mother of two who's breastfeeding her 4-month-old daughter, and her supply outweighs the baby's demand.

SILSBEE, Texas — The baby formula crisis is causing panic and worry for moms throughout the U.S.

President Joe Biden addressed the shortage Friday, promising more production here and importing the product from abroad.

Formula is about 40 to 50% out of stock across half of the country and moms are searching high and low for alternatives to keep their babies fed.

Health experts say you shouldn't opt for homemade formula because it could have significant health risks for your baby.

So, what can parents do? Well, donated breastmilk can be one solution.

“All you want to do is make sure they're healthy and fed and it's really hard to do when you have no control over if you can find the formula or not,” said Beaumont mom Daisy Salinas.

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COVID-related supply chain problems, recalls, and plant shutdowns are leaving shelves of baby formula empty.

“It's mentally and emotionally draining,” Salinas said.

Salinas told 12News how she's feeling unable to find her baby food in stores.

“5-10 miles radius of our house there's probably like 10 of them and we went to each of them and we couldn't find any formula,” Salinas said.

The growing baby formula shortage is becoming a crisis. Salinas and thousands of other parents frantically search for baby formula.

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“It's taken me two weeks just to find two containers,” Salinas said.

One Silsbee mom is donating her breastmilk to help others.

“I was laying there and said 'I have so much milk that just sits in my freezer,'” said Silsbee mom Grace Lynn Day.

Day is a mother of two. She is breastfeeding her 4-month-old daughter and her supply outweighs baby Scarlett's demand.

“I even have to pump multiple times a day,” Day said. “Even with feeding her I was engorged, so I was like I have all the extra milk. I might as well help.”

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Day pumps at least 10 minutes per session throughout the day and freezes the milk.

“Since I’ve had her, I’ve supplied four mothers,” Day said.

Not only to encourage other breastfeeding moms to pump.

“I feel like the community should come together to help,” Day said.

But also pumping up moms with hope as they wait on the White House's response to the formula crisis.

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