BEAUMONT, Texas — People all over Southeast Texas spent the day honoring the memory of the lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

The attacks changed our nation forever, and the message seen across the area was 'Never Forget.'

Lt. Col. Skylor Hearn with the Texas Department of Public Safety was the guest speaker at Beaumont's 2nd Annual Patriot Day Ceremony. 

"I remember being there watching the TV that morning at work here at DPS in Beaumont and seeing those planes hit the towers," Hearn said. "This day September 11th marks a time in our nation's history that forever changed us."  

Hearn spoke about the countless acts of selflessness and heroism that day.

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"And it is a debt that we can never repay but a debt in which this country will always remember and honor," Hearn said. 

Choirs from West Brook and Beaumont United also performed. 

Others paid tribute to the lives lost 18 years ago. Lamar State College Port Arthur served an appreciation breakfast for all first responders

Students at Marshall Middle School showed their appreciation by delivering cookies to Beaumont Police and others who serve and protect every day. 

Beaumont Crossfit dedicated Wednesday's workouts to those who died on 9/11.

Neal Riley, owner of Beaumont Crossfit, said the workouts were specific. 

"So the 2001 is that they start out with a row with a partner because that is the year it happened. And then obviously the 9 rope climbs and 11 bear complexes stand for September 11, they do that 4 times. Then they ended it with 2977 meters which is how many lives were lost that day," Riley said. 

While we honor the lives lost and acts of heroism on this September 11, let us also 'Never Forget.'