BEAUMONT, Texas — Step inside the Book Stan comic book store in Beaumont, and you'll be surrounded by cards, books and action figures.

It's been their specialty for 40 years, and on any given day, dozens walk through their doors.

"It's a lot, but it's not just comic books," store manager Beverly Stanley said. "It's also games."

Stanley hopes Beaumont's first comic-con this fall will bring new customers to the store.

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"It will draw more attention to comics, and maybe bring in some more people from out of town," she said.

Hundreds of fans are expected to show up at Ford Park Event Center November 9-10. The founder and host of the new comic-con, Clint Randolph, hopes the event will let people have fun.

"It's something to do for people who don't get to go to the comic book stores all the time," Randolph said. "You know, get to get out and play video games all the time. It brings everybody together."

Randolph said don't expect it to break your pockets. He said his main goal is for everyone is to enjoy the event.

"I do these shows for the kids that want to come out and have a couple of comic books and read the comic books with friends of theirs."

Gone are the days of having to drive to Dallas or Houston to enjoy comics, and the folks at Book Stan say this event will bring people to Beaumont from around our region.

"Hopefully it will," Stanley said. "People will go to the big convention and see what's going on and have fun and want to keep going."