NEDERLAND, Texas — Most days, you can find Robyn Reyes, Diana Serna and Macey King at Doornbos Park in Nederland with their kids.

This Friday felt a little different for the Coast Guard wives as they talked about when their husbands will be paid.

"It's very stressful knowing you have kids, a newborn, three months," Serna said. 

They all have children to feed and bills to pay. All three families are feeling the effects of the government shutdown.

Some of the women are even considering finding extra jobs.

This isn't the first time they have found themselves having to stretch their dollar. Their paychecks for the first of the month were at risk, but at the last minute, they got paid.

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If the shutdown continues, hard decisions may lie ahead.

"My youngest, we're supposed to go to Houston for him like three times this month, and we can't," King said. "Like if we don't get paid, we can't. We can't go to his doctor's appointments. We can't take him to get his eyes checked or take him to the neurologist."

They said the most disheartening thing is that their husbands are still serving through these trying times.

"They're here protecting; they should be protected."

They said they only have one plea for federal lawmakers.

"If you can't come to an agreement, at least make it to where we can still make a living."

If the Southeast Texas community would like to make donations, they should contact the Chief Petty Officer Angel Sween at