BEAUMONT/ORANGEFIELD — Southeast Texans know firsthand what it's like to be hit by a tropical storm. When Harvey hit, thousands came in from all over to offer their help. Now, Southeast Texans are ready to give back.

Cody Hogden and Brian Dunigan may not know each other personally, but their goals are the same; to help those affected by Florence.

Dunigan said the day a Beaumont teenager took her last breath, all he's wanted to do is help people.

"I was the first one on the scene and the little girl passed away in my arms and that changed my life," said Dunigan.

When Harvey hit, Dunnigan joined forces with people from all over the country to do what he could for those in need. After going through a tropical storm personally, he's ready to help others going through it.

Like last year, he's taking donations and plans on heading straight to the East Coast to help.

"We're going on to North Carolina and doing what we can do, if I help one I'll sleep good at night," said Dunigan.

Cody Hogden is the Pastor of Orangefield Baptist Church. He said God knew what he was doing last year when he brought two men, one from North Carolina and one from South, to Orangefield.

"Never did I think that we would be doing the exact same thing they did for us one year later," said Hogden.

Like Dunigan, Hogden is simply returning the favor.

"We're really just trying to share the love of God with them through supplies and donations," said Hogden.

Dunigan will be accepting donations until 10 p.m. Saturday evening, and tomorrow until his truck is full. He's located at 622 West Lucas Drive in Beaumont, Suite A. If you don't have time to make a drop off but would like to give, you can donate to his wife's PayPal account and she'll do the shopping for you.

If you're closer to the Orangefield area and would like to send donations through Hogden's church, they'll be accepting donations Monday through Thursday from 6-8 p.m. They're located in the Gym at 9788 FM 105 Orange, TX. 77630.

They're also bringing giftcards and monetary donations. Those can be dropped off anytime Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Checks can be made out to FBC Orangefield. Online donations can also be made on their website.