A Candlelight Vigil was held at Orange City Hall Sunday evening in order to remember those who have died at the hands of racism.

Southeast Texas progressives and Golden Triangle Indivisible stood outside city hall in response to the Charlottesville attack.

Southeast Texans from Vidor, Orange, Beaumont, and Spurger brought signs to spread the message of unity.

“I felt like everyone needs to show up and let people know that we are tired of the violence, racism, and hate, and we are ready to stand up and say no and move on. That means voting too” stated Shelby Smith with Golden Triangle Indivisible.

The Southeast Texas Progressives Facebook page states:

“Today while protesting against the vileness and hate of the fringe right “White Nationalist” movement, one person was murdered and 19 wounded in an example of the escalating violence and fanaticism of the Alt-Right movement

Southeast Texas Progressives condemn the acts of the Right Unity protest and the cold blooded and calculated attack and murder of counter protestors who were standing up for the equality and freedoms that this country stands for.

We call out the “White Nationalist” movement for what it really is, the American Taliban and condemn them and their manifesto for what it is, the gasping dying breath of White Fascism.

We call on Representative Brian Babin to publically denounce these White Terror groups involved in Charlottesville and condemn these Domestic Terror groups in his district.

Failure on his part to condemn the KKK, Storm Front or other Domestic Terrorist organizations should be taken as support on his part and his office for the goals, and violence they have advocated.

We will be holding an 8:00 PM candlelight vigil at the Orange City Hall to remember those who have died at the hands of racism and to demand justice for those who are victims of hate.”