Fair chairman Jay Johnson says finishing touches to the South Texas State Fair were added on Sunday.

Vendors are setting up to be a hit with patrons like Erin Wyche.

"Seeing if they have new rides and the food of course," Wyche revealed her favorite aspects of the fair.

Johnson says along with new rides, and a high dive performance in the kid's area, there will be a large police presence at the fair.

Johnson says the police presence will allow everyone to enjoy the fair.

"We use technology as much as we can to make it basically unseen to where it's not interfering with the patrons and their experience at the fair," Johnson said.

Wyche says she's never had any problems with the security measures.

"As long as I see enough security there, I think I'll feel a little more comfortable," Wyche said.

Opening ceremonies for the fair start at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.