Candie Rutledge owns Woogie’s along with her husband. They feel they’re lucky to be serving swamp bites, pistolettes, and crawfish nachos after Tropical Storm Harvey destroyed many of their belongings.

"We're living upstairs in a two-story house, the bottom is flooded. Our daughter's living with us upstairs because it took her house. And because of the storm, we couldn't get our new trailer in time,” Rutledge said.

Rutledge says they borrowed a trailer to maintain their place at the fair.

She says some people haven’t recognized their temporary look.

"Our trailer is normally red with black trim and people have walked by us and called and said, ‘where are you at?’” Rutledge said.

Rutledge is relieved she can focus on food and get a small distraction from rebuilding after Harvey.

“My house is still not finished but someday it’ll get finished,” Rutledge said.

Rutledge says none of their permanent locations received any water damage from Tropical StorHarvey, although their Beaumont and Vidor locations were closed for several weeks.