BEAUMONT, Texas — Vendors come to the YMBL South Texas State Fair with one common goal, to sell. 

Cracklin Kings, who are now in its second year at Ford Park, has another purpose. 

They don't just feed people, but teach them.

"Because of Prentiss, I actually learned a lot more," says 19-year-old Jovanny Negrete. "How to have a business operation and how to run it smoothly, make sure everything is okay and have all the numbers right." 

Prentiss Semien, the owner of Cracklin Kings, teaches at the Paul Brown Alternative Center. 

He created the program for students to learn the art of business. 

"I've been teaching at Paul Brown for seven years, and the kids that come through Paul Brown," says Semien. "A lot of them have never been told that they can own their own business."

Students between the ages of 16-19 help work the stand while receiving guidance throughout the fair.

Semien says he wants his students to understand how to interact with customers and make a profit.

They also help cook, handle the register and replenish items in the stand.   

The Cracklin Kings stand sits directly behind the main entrance of the fair.

Semien himself has bolstered his business by purchasing some land in Beaumont to create a new facility.

Of course, his focus this week will be the fair and the makeshift classroom Semien has created. 

The focus for Negrete, a former Paul Brown student, is to use the knowledge he's gained and earn him a shot at getting back into a managerial position. . 

Negrete says "I actually want to be an entrepreneur and hopefully in about three years, get to start my own remodeling business again." 

Business was booming on Monday for Cracklin Kings and many customers enjoyed the addicting delights. 

"Let me tell you something about these cracklins, they are good," says Elton Grubbs. "The best I ever had."