While many vendors come hoping to cash in on the traffic going through at least one food vendor using it as an opportunity to teach.

Food is a favorite part of the fair and food vendors come from all across Texas to take part in this huge event.

Preitiss Semian is a high school science teacher at Paul Brown Alternative School and his business here at the fair is fried cracklins.

"I’ve been making hard cracklins for about seven years now, it's been in the family for about fifty or sixty years now. I just love making hard cracklins, it makes a lot of people happy", Semian said.

He conducts his business a little differently, his main focus being on helping the students he teaches.

"I just kind of want to change the narrative. I wanted to teach them how to be entrepreneurs, how to have their own business, to not work for anybody else to work for themselves", Semian said.

He hires his students to work his booth and teaches them how to run a business. He hopes to shine the students of Paul Brown in a more positive light, and show the community that the kids there are special.

"Paul Brown has a bad reputation and I just wanted to bring the students in so the community can see them and know that they are really good students" Semian said.