BEAUMONT — Hundreds of people came out to enjoy the last day of the South Texas State Fair. For some people, today was the first visit to the fair, but there are others who have been coming here for years.

Chuck Peterson owns the food booth Chuck Eats Cajun Food. This will be his 33rd year serving the South Texas State Fair.

“Yea this is my thirty third. Thirty years I can remember just about everything,” Chuck said.

He says the biggest difference he’s seen from his very first state fair is the increase in the number of people that come out every year.

“We see about three hundred thousand more people, we get over five hundred thousand people in the gates,” Chuck said.

He says he has every intention on making next year’s South Texas State Fair his 34th.

"This is where it's happening because this is what brings the people, you've got to have all of these classy vendors and I'm not quite too classy, but it's unique", Chuck said.