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'Can't sit quietly anymore,' Sour Lake mother says her son won't take STAAR test

This is the same parent who is behind a Sour Lake proclamation that called for the banning of the STAAR test in the city limits.

SOUR LAKE, Texas — Emily Linscomb is no stranger to controversial topics. 

This Sour Lake parent created a proclamation calling for the banning of STAAR  test in city limits. 

While the proclamation holds no legal ground, many across the city are hoping that it can send a message to Austin that another Texas town has had enough. The city council passed it, and now, she's going a step farther.

"I have the right to stand up for my son, I have the right to say that I'm not going to subject him to a flawed assessment," Linscomb said. "We don't have to do exactly what [Texas Education Agency] is telling us to do. These are our kids; these are our tax dollars."

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Linscomb has decided her 4th grade son will not be taking this year's STAAR test.  

"I told him he can write 'refuse' on the assessment, I had my little boy back again – smiling, happy, skipping out of school, doing his homework, our grades went up."

A Texas Education Agency spokesperson tells 12News parents do not have the right to opt out of the test.

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Section 26 of Texas Education Code says, "A parent is not entitled to remove the parent's child from a class or other school activity to avoid a test or to prevent the child from taking a subject for an entire semester."

The STAAR  test is a factor in whether students in 5th and 8th grades get promoted. Linscomb is a member of 'Texans Take Action Against STAAR' and connected with a Hardin-Jefferson parent, whose son has decided to speak out about the STAAR.

Jeremiah Tucker is a 7th grader who has autism. He says the STAAR test triggers a lot of emotions. 

"Falling on the ground, motion with anger and sadness, confusion."

Tucker and Linscomb are total strangers -- bound together by standing against the STAAR test.

"If enough people opt out, the TEA will notice," Linscomb said. "You can't sit quietly anymore."

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