BRIDGE CITY - Some Bridge City Elementary School parents frustrated about the morning drop off carpool line.

A parent who does not wish to be identified, says her child has been given multiple tardies for being late to classes that start at 7.50 a.m.

She says the problem is that parents have a traffic problem at the school that often delays their arrival time.

School leaders told us they understand there are traffic challenges. However, many of the parents say students are being punished for being late, in a situation that can't be controlled because of the traffic.

"They send facility outside to try to force you inside to try to sign your child in as tardy," said a parent. It's not our fault, not our kids fault, and we don't need to be punished for it or harassed about it."

We've been told that some of the students have even been threatened with detention.

Superintendent Todd Lintzen, says that the school urges parents to communicate with them directly regarding concerns about their children.