In communities like China, Texas the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs is especially meaningful, they can understand the small town tragedy.

The population in China is a little over 11,00 people, just a little over 500 more than where the incident took place.

During lunch-time at Diamond S Diner, the talk of the town was the tragic shooting.

"Can you believe that the coffee talk in the morning is to figure out what to do to keep the community safe," says Jimmy Samaha, owner of the diner.

It was a total of 26 people killed in Sutherland Springs, and 20 others were seriously injured.

"It's scary because you don't expect it," Samaha says.

"It can even happen here, you never know," he explains.

This small knit community is shaken up by the news of such horrible tragedy.

"You don't know when it's going to happen your town and it's very tragic," says Donnie Elkins, who was at the restaurant having lunch.

And what should be a time to take a break from work is now used to reflect on how to keep the community safe.

"It's scary because the first thing we do is ask who is next," Samaha says.

This tragic mass shooting is a concern for safety and a food for thought in finding ways to avoid a similar incident from happening again.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Sutherland Springs," Elkins says.

"How do you stop something like that, it's such a tragedy and I hope it doesn't happen here," Samaha says.

This mass shooting is said to be the deadliest shooting in the state of Texas.