SILSBEE — Jennifer Biscamp has been living in Silsbee for the past eight years with her 10-year old daughter Delilah and 11-year old son Jayden. On September 10, their home caught fire and they lost everything.

"I just heard fire, and I realized my children were in the house, so I didn't have time to look at that fire and I ran in and opened the door and just a gust of black smoke came out," said Biscamp.

She said she was thankful her daughter and special needs son were able to make it out on time, but unfortunately none of their belongings made it. The Red Cross put them in a hotel for a little while and helped out with their immediate needs, but now Biscamp is on her own.

Biscamp said her daughter has stayed strong, but it's been hard on all of them. Her son has autism and doesn't quite understand.

"He's having some issues, and so we're just trying to rebuild just to give him the support that he needs just to get through everyday," said Biscamp.

Biscamp was able to scrape together enough money to get them out of the hotel and into a rental home, but they're in great need.

"When you go to do your kids' hair for school and you don't have a hairbrush, all the way to a rubber band, and you're fighting yourself just lost because you realize you don't have those things," said Biscamp.

She said she didn't have any kind of insurance, so she's having to purchase everything out of pocket. It hasn't been easy.

"I've been doing it on my own since they were itty bitty, so we're so tight-budgeted as it is," said Biscamp.

Her best friend Laura Brown is helping to rally the community to help her out. So far people have come through and donated things but there's still a lot they don't have. Brown knows firsthand what it's like to rebuild after a fire. She also lost everything after her home caught fire in 2013.

Brown said it can wreak a huge financial burden on a family, and it's important for a community to come together.

"She's a single mom with two kids, one of them is special needs and she doesn't have the means to make it all magically appear," said Brown.

The owner of "It's About Kids" donated clothes for the kids, but Brown said Biscamp has put her own needs aside.

"She doesn't have anything other than a couple of pairs of shorts and a shirt or two so we can't forget about her," said Brown.

The family is sleeping on air mattresses in the living room of their new home. Brown said they need everything, and anything helps.

They have an account set-up at EastTex for monetary donations. Just call and give them the name Jennifer Biscamp and they'll put it in her account.

You can also make furniture or other donations by calling Brown at (409)-466-9081.

They also have a GoFundMe account.