VIDOR, Texas — The Orange County Sheriff's Office (OSCO) confirms that there was a shooting at a birthday party on Saturday in Vidor.

OSCO says there were shots fired at Claiborne West Park stemming from a child custody issue. 

Zoe Chandler hosted the party for one-year-old Jax Duggan and it quickly turned chaotic.

Chandler says "That's a child's birthday party, he doesn't deserve that he really doesn't and it breaks my heart it really does."

Shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday, Chandler tells us she was finishing some decorations at a picnic area in Clairborne West Park.

She says she handed the boy to his birth mother, Steely Sarver, when things started to unravel.

"I had to fight for Jax, I tried pulling on her legs to get Jax," says Chandler. "Her mom and her were just hitting me, kicking me while I was trying to get him."

When Sarver's boyfriend and mother arrived at the party, that's when Sarver decided to take Jax with her according to Chandler.

While Chandler and Sarver tustled over Jax, Chandler tells us Sarver's boyfriend began to shoot at her. 

"He was shooting at me the whole time, the whole time he was shooting at me all around my feet, says Chandler. "They picked up the bullets all around there."

There were no reports of any injuries when deputies left the scene. 

Orange County Sheriff’s Office detective Janois Grizzaffi says "Shots were fired but they were fired into the ground and not at anyone particular according to witnesses and evidence." 

Sarver says that Chandler is lying and tells us in a statement "Yes I went and I took my son, when I did the girlfriend (Chandler) attacked me and I defended myself. I never saw the shooter or the vehicle because I was in the middle of being attacked by Zoe Chandler while my son was in my arms."

Chandler tells 12News Sarver and her family quickly left the park with Jax after the encounter.

"He didn't get to blow out any of his candles or open any presents, he didn't have a birthday party at all," says Chandler. "He got thrown around in a truck while they were running away because they knew they were in trouble."

Jax's mother and father have been disagreeing on who should have custody of the child according to Chandler.

Sarver tells us Chandler has only been taking care of Jax for three months as opposed to seven. 

Both of them told us that the father and mother have yet to appear in court so a judge hasn't signed any documents relating to custody.

"I pray every night he's safe and even when I had him, I prayed he was safe," says Chandler. I just want him to come home safely, I want him to be with us." 

Chandler says she is working with CPS to get Jax home.

Orange County deputies are still investigating the shooting. 

Chandler says there was another birthday party taking place across the street and wants to apologize to the families at the park on Saturday.

"Although I didn't do it, I feel sorry for the fact it happened because it shouldn't have happened," says Chandler. "There were kids hiding under tables while he was shooting and that's not right."

Chandler also says that it's not the first time Sarver's boyfriend has shot at her.  

This is a developing story. New information will be added if and when it is confirmed.