Students focusing on their STAAR tests were stalled for about 20 minutes after the server crashed according to the Texas Education Agency.

About 12 students working on their online tests in Little Cypress CISD were affected and about 70 kids were affected in Port Arthur ISD.

Luckily, the students were able to log in and complete their tests.

We hope that once they reboot it today they will take care of the problem today and it will go smoothly with no problems," said LCM Stacey Brister CISD district testing coordinator.

According to the TEA in 2016 there was a computer glitch.

A spokesperson with the TEA explains the technical issue erased student answers and some were even given the wrong test version.

However, the TEA emphasizes the temporary disruption of the STAAR online platform on Monday was very minor and student test answers were saved.

Meanwhile, a former teacher is speaking out against the test saying it limits the teachers.

"They don't have a choice if they want to be classified as successful teachers their students have to do well," said former teacher Jean LaSalle.

However Brister said its part of the law and a good way to show parents how their child is performing in school.

"It’s a good picture of where students are… where are there strengths, where are their weaknesses and what groups of students are being successful and what group of students do we need to target in our instruction to help our students in order to be successful,” said Brister.