Senior citizens at the Best Years Center in Beaumont are excited about their new facility currently being constructed.

For the past five years Kenneth Maxson has been enjoying the programs at the Best Years Center.

"Camaraderie, conversation, most of the guys all of us are elderly some of us are home alone so I guess this gives them an outlet to come have a good time," Maxson said.

On top of building friendships, Maxson enjoys the competitive nature of playing pool with friends.

Within a year and a half, he will be competing in a newer, more spacious center with more natural light.

The center is being built next to the Event Centre in downtown Beaumont.

“We just have a lovely time, I just can't wait to get here on Monday Wednesday and Friday morning,” Virgie Landry said.

Landry has been participating in programs at the Best Years center for over a decade. She teaches low impact aerobics and is one of 28 members in the choir.

Choir Director Mary Early is excited about the future move.

"Anytime you get to move into something new it's so exciting,” Early said. “We'll be carrying our piano in with us.”

Landry is also brimming with excitement for the future possibilities the new center will provide.

“I hope to be around to use the facility, It's a great thing to be downtown.,” Landry said.