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Family identifies man shot and killed inside San Antonio LA Fitness

The victim’s sister Kim said her brother did not know the suspect.

SAN ANTONIO — KENS 5 is learning new information about the man murdered inside an LA Fitness on Monday. The family tells KENS 5 Brandon Marquis Broadnax was the man working out when he was shot and killed.

The man accused of pulling the trigger, Jessie Marquis MacWilliams, is still behind bars.

The victim’s sister Kim said her brother did not know the suspect. She said she doesn't know why he was targeted. The murder happened on her birthday.

"My brother is not a violent person," she said. "He is the peacemaker of the family. He just worked went to church. "There is no reason for my brother to have been taken from us."

She said her brother's birthday is next week on August 10. He was going to turn 35-years-old. He was a brick layer who provided for his kids. Every week, she said Broadnax went to work, church, and the gym.

"We just found out while he was working out, I am trying to remain respectful, this individual just took my brother's life," the sister said. "We don't know why. We are trying to wrap our minds around you know what transpired. What happened. Why was my brother targeted? There is no incident of him and this guy knowing each other or ever having an altercation."

San Antonio Police are still investigating the why too. Investigators say MacWilliams walked into the gym off 410 and Blanco just before 7 Monday evening, and shot the victim in the head.

"I am sorry you are a coward enough to shoot my brother in the back of the head," the sister said. "Who does that? What did he do to you? These are the questions we have. Who gave you the right to play God with my brother's life?"

This makes the second deadly shooting at this gym in a little more than a year. The one in July 2021 happened in the parking lot. The LA Fitness location is back open as of Wednesday. There was a sign posted on the door that read: "Due to certain circumstances all gym bags must be in locker room or held at the front. Bags are not allowed on the gym floor.

On Thursday afternoon, police officials told KENS 5 that, at this point, there wasn't any evidence to indicate MacWilliams and Broadnax knew each other. 

KENS 5 also sent its corporate media communications team an email about any possible changes in security. We are still waiting on a response.

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