BEAUMONT - It’s the news everyone has been waiting for in Beaumont: You can now drink, brush your teeth and cook with tap water.

Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames said she is lucky to have water back so fast after such a devastating storm.

"This is a miraculous effort for us to get water back within a week," she said.

Business owners like Frankie Randazzo, who owns Madison's, said it's a sigh of relief.

"Thank God. What an ordeal," he said.

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Madison's stayed open throughout the flooding, Randazzo made the changes necessary to serve. Madison's used bottled water for everything and served on plastic plates with plastic silverware.

"We brought in ‘porta johns.’ We brought in commercial waste water treatment bins. We brought in hand-wash stations to meet the health department guidelines. I'm happy, because now we can send all that back and quit spending that extra money every day," he said.

Randazzo said he's impressed with how fast the city got the water back on

"I think the city did a great job," Randazzo said.

He said it feels good to have a sense of normalcy back at his business.

"Right now, we're flushing all the lines. I've got a bunch of bottled water if anyone needs some," he said.

Although the water is fixed, the city manager said this is still just the beginning on the road to recovery.

"Remember, you have an estimated 2,000 homes in Beaumont that flooded. A lot of people are suffering, and we recognize that. We have a lot of work to do in the city and Southeast Texas. We're going to continue to work together," he said.

Restaurants are free to open without being inspected first.

Also, the city said it will not be handing out anymore bottled water since the water is back on.