Reporter Royden Ogletree is riding three rides a day until he hopefully has a rating and review for each ride, or eventually passes out on one and has to stop this segment. The latter is more likely.


Wind Surf: 6/10: Fun in spurts, but nothing to write home about.

Alpine Bobs: 7/10: Starts out slow, finishes strong. Best music of any ride.

Hurricane: 9/10. Will spin you into another dimension.

Previous ratings:

Spin Out: 5/10. Fun, but I had a sinking feeling that I was about to come out of my seat multiple times.

Sky Flyer: 8/10. After I got over my fear of heights, actually pretty fun. Great Views.

Kids ride: Little Dipper: 6/10, mostly because I'm too tall for this one, and you shouldn't ride it if you don't have kids. You'll get weird looks. 10/10 if you're actually a child though probably.

Super Shot: 6/10: The anticipation is probably the best thing about this ride. Not great if you have vertigo.

Alien Abduction: 8/10. Long ride time. Seats a lot of people at once. Unexpected drops.

Tea Cups: 4/10 for anyone over 5'6. 9/10 for anyone under. It will actually spin you into oblivion if your try hard enough.

Zero Gravity: 7/10; Thrilling, long ride time.

The Ferris Wheel: 5/10; Long ride time, great views, not so thrilling.

Carousel: 9/10 if under the age of 5. 3/10 if an oversized 23-year-old reporter.