Fun fact, Reporter Royden Ogletree doesn't like heights and gets dizzy very easily. So is he the right person to send on every ride at the YMBL South Texas State Fair? Who's to say, but he is attempting it anyway.

Riding three rides a day until he rides them all and giving you his rating.


Super Shot: 6/10: The anticipation is probably the best thing about this ride. Not great if you have vertigo.

Alien Abduction: 8/10. Long ride time. Seats a lot of people at once. Unexpected drops.

Tea Cups: 4/10 for anyone over 5'6. 9/10 for anyone under. It will actually spin you into oblivion if your try hard enough.


Zero Gravity: 7/10; Thrilling, long ride time.

The Ferris Wheel: 5/10; Long ride time, great views, not so thrilling.

Carousel: 9/10 if under the age of 5. 3/10 if an oversized 23-year-old reporter.