BEAUMONT — Today was the start of the Dowlen Road resurfacing project. Monday through Friday from 7am to 7:30pm one lane on both sides of the street will be closed.

Today 12news found out that the tar being placed down can be expensive to take off if it makes its way onto your vehicle.

It more runs like into a detail, it wouldn't fall under one of our regular package washes and it can run anywhere from like one hundred to two hundred dollars," Clovie Broom who works at Grand Slam Car Wash and Lube on College street in Beaumont said.

Broom has been working with cars for 17 years now, and she says that because of ongoing construction in the city they see tar related washes often. Which can end up being expensive.

“Check your car to see if you get tar on it, cause a lot customers don’t realize it's there," Broom said.

If you notice tar on your car, Broom’s advice to motorist is make sure they take care of it without hesitation.

"If it stays on there it can ruin the paint, and then eventually it will pull the paint off of the car," Broom said.