One lawmaker says the Bolivar Peninsula should be part of Chambers County and not Galveston County.

12News spoke with a handful of Bolivar residents on Wednesday and reactions were mixed. Many locals have lots of questions. 

Mays Middleton, the newly elected state representative for Galveston and Chambers counties, has stirred up a lot of people. While he was campaigning, someone suggested moving to the Bolivar Peninsula into Chambers County’s jurisdiction.  

"In my opinion, I think it's borderline lunacy to even consider it," Jim Walters, High Island native and owner of Swedes Real Estate said.

The peninsula has been a part of Galveston County for decades. 

"I'm not sure where it came from. I'm definitely not for it. I'm happy with being a part of Galveston county," Walters said.

Walters feels the Galveston County sheriff does a great job securing the island and fears that it wouldn’t be as easy for Chambers County deputies. 

"Even if chambers county had the resources, how long would it take them to get the experience? The learning curve I think would be huge," Walters said.

Jessie Sanders and his wife have owned their home on the peninsula for over a decade.

"We were talking on the phone and she said Chambers county might take over. And I said really? Why? And she said I'm not sure and I said well if they can do better than Galveston county or what are they going to do for us. I mean I'd be interested in listening to it," Sanders said.

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He says he’s not against the change nor is he for it. He still has lots of questions. 

"It's something that personally there's things that Galveston County could do here and they don't. Maybe another county would do better. I don't know, Sanders said."

It’s unclear whether State Representative Mays Middleton plans to move forward with this concept. His office could not be reached on Wednesday. 

Ultimately, voters would have to approve re-drawing of any of the county boundaries.