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'It can be dangerous' | Southeast Texas Entergy employee honored for hard work, dedication

Justin Kaiser was named Southeast Texas’ Lineman for the Day

BEAUMONT, Texas — On Tuesday, a power giant showed appreciation to one of its employees who works tirelessly to help Southeast Texans in need.

Justin Kaiser works for Entergy as a lineman. He is being celebrated for his hard work and dedication.

Kaiser was named Southeast Texas’ Lineman for the Day.

Southeast Texans are no strangers to power outages, especially after major storms and hurricanes. Kaiser is a part of a team that is responsible for returning power to those in need.

Kaiser said the job is hard but rewarding, and one of his favorite parts of the job is teamwork.

"The way everybody works together, just the attitude of line work," Kaiser said. "I just like how everybody comes together, and we try to do what we need to do to put the power back on."

Kaiser said linemen don’t just run lines.

“There’s all kinds of stuff, from being on the ground to being up on the pole in the bucket, setting poles on the lines truck, its all kinds of stuff," Kaiser said. "Long days and long nights, getting up on the pole, putting your hooks on, being in this heat.”

Kaiser has been with Entergy for about six months. He said some moments are special and leave him feeling appreciated.

“Not too long ago, there was a tree that fell in a backyard, and it ripped a whole bunch of services down that were going into the house, and the kids were all outside,” Kaiser said. “We ended up getting it down and all that and the kids came outside and said thank you.”

Sometimes it takes a while to bring power back to a person's home because linemen do their part to make sure the work is done correctly and safely.

"We do it safe and do it right," Kaiser said. "When you see stuff go wrong, it makes you realize it's not for everybody. It can be dangerous."

Another bonus to his job is that on occasion, Kaiser gets to help his family and friends.

"Be in the neighborhood and them actually seeing you do it, it's pretty cool," Kaiser said.

To Kaiser, the Entergy crew is like a second family.

"We’re more here than we are with families and friends," Kaiser said. "We watch each other's back and just make we are doing everything right and doing everything safe, stick together and do what we [have to] do. “

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